October 5

Using Soundscapes as an aid to habitat restoration with David Watson

Dr. David Watson, is an ornithologist, and Professor in Ecology in the school of Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences at Charles Sturt University, in Albury in regional, New South Wales, Australia. David and post-Doc researcher, Elizabeth Znidersic have recently released a paper where they present a new approach for the resoration of habitat on the broad scale, acoustic restoration, where broadcasting soundscapes can entice animals to recolonise areas that have been disturbed, or suffered major impacts from events such as bushfires.

ave a look at David's Google Scholar back-catalogue.  So many articles, so many interesting topics. Bit of a rock star! 

Listen to the audio podcast here;

Check out Dave on Twitter, and catch his fabulous reviews of his local birds, that he calls #AwesomeBirds..

Watch the unedited conversation here;

Dr. David Watson


"Doctor Dave"  

 Professor of Ecology

Charles Sturt University


acoustic restoration, habitat restoration, Soundscapes

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