August 19

Twitter Outrage!


Ok, so that is total clickbait, but everyone else is doing it.... But...

I recently served a 12 hour sentence in Twitter jail, as I had been engaging in some snarky discourse surrounding our former PM in Australia, and his secret appointments to several other ministries, general unfitness for high office, his oafishness and his plea for privacy for his family (after he had done some puff piece appearances with his family on 60 Minutes and the other show on the other billionaire network, featuring his family - notably him singing the Dragon (famous NZ band that has been appropriated by Australia) song, "April Sun In Cuba".

Ok, there is the context.

Here is the Tweet.

So, be careful out there.....   I would love to hear, see, read any similarly super offensive and dangerous Tweets and other social media posts.  Support your neighbourhood subversives.

Leave a comment.

And here is a treat, or two.

Remember, every bird is the best bird!


Twitter ban

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