June 1

Successful strategies for the Forty-spotted Pardalote with Sally Bryant

Dr. Sally Bryant has worked as a wildlife ecologist for over 30 years, and is still publishing articles about the wildlife of Tasmania, and the conservation challenges on islands.  

She is currently the Chair of the Forty-spotted Pardalote Recovery Team and Editor-In-Chief of the Editorial Board of the Royal Society of Tasmania. (Yes, I know we love this bird!).

Sally has worked in government and in the non-government and private sector, that is becoming increasingly important to adequately protect species, intact habitat and to repair potentially suitable habitat, to facilitate ongoing manangement of endangered species.

Sally has authored and co-authored numerous books, chapters, journal papers, technical reports and popular articles on conservation issues including for the Royal Society. She is an Adjunct Lecturer at UTAS, on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Ecological Management & Restoration, and a Research Fellow with the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, but is perhaps best known for her popular ABC Radio wildlife talkback program which has been running fortnightly since 1999.

Sally is very enthusiastic about the approach to conservation being undertaken by the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, which is quite different to the historical approach to conservation and land managent in Australia, usually by government departments or agencies.  This new approach is exciting, in the way it widens the number and type of stakeholders in the conservation effort.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Sally tells Grant how passionate she is about the wildlife of Tasmania, the current status of the resilient and specialised Forty-spotted Pardalote, and how the combination of public and private land preservation is protecting the strongholds of this little bird, and how an innovative approach to conservation appears to be helping this species hold its own, bucking the trend of so many threatened species.


Bruny Island, Forty-spotted Pardalote, SAlly Bryant, Tasmania

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