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Dr. Holly Parsons is an ecologist and community educator who oversees citizen science, education, engagement and research projects in the urban space for BirdLife Australia and is the Co-Manager of the Birds in Backyards initiative. She has always had an interest in birds and ecology which led her to the field of avian urban ecology at  the University of Wollongong. Holly subsequently completed her PhD, studying the impact of urbanisation on Superb Fairy-wrens.

 While she still loves doing ecological research, she has moved into the environmental education field by managing Birds in Backyards. This rather unique position allows her to have a foot in both camps - she still has involvement in scientific research through various Birds in Backyards projects as well as with the invaluable database of surveys Birds in Backyards members contribute, but she also gets to use birds as a way of communicating the importance of biodiversity to the broader community. 

Grant is extremely fortunate to have Holly contributing regularly to The Bird Emergency, sharing her knowledge and experience, and bringing some the the researchers and conservationists that she works with to Mondays.

How are we relating to the urban birds that are living with us?

Holly joins Grant Williams at about midday every second Monday to talk about issues that impact the birds that we see around us every day - in our gardens, streets, parkland and anywhere they can eek out an existence. Why not join us?

Talking about research concerning urban birds

Talking to researchers about their projects and careers, and the policy issues that impact urban birds and wildlife.

Streaming live fortnightly

Holly brings her perspective to The Bird Emergency fortnightly (mostly) talking about the birds living among our gardens and suburbs.

Highlighting Citizen Science

Letting you know about Citizen Science projects, where you can get involved, and add to the knowledge base ans conservation outcomes.

Improve your patch

Giving you ideas about how you can improve your home, garden, street or suburb to make it a better place for the birds and wildlife that live in your patch.

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Midday 25th July, Australian Eastern Standard Time

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