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Monday with Holly


You missed out!

What is your favourite bird that visits your garden, and/or your favourite encounter with a bird? Join us and share your stories.


You missed out!

The critically endangered birds of south-west Western Australia with Sarah Comer

Past Live Streams

 Plains-wanderer update. Protection and translocations with Saskia Gerhardy

Tuesday with Grant - Let's talk Birds in Pop Culture - Songs, Movies, Books etc.

Tuseday 8th November - 1:00 PM Aust. Eastern Daylight Time

Do you have a favourite song about a bird? A movie? What is your favourite bird book? Field Guides, fiction, non-fiction - Let's share our favourite written pieces about our avian friends.

Can You Choose a Favourite Bird? 

Let's Give it a go...

Monday with Grant

Monday with Grant

Who are your Conservation Heroes?  Grant shares some of his...  Tell us yours.

Monday with Holly - Urban Powerful Owls

Joining Dr. Holly Parsons is Dr. Nick and Lucy, who have been obsering the same pair/group of Powerful Owls in suburban Brisbane for about 2 years.  Hear what Nick and Lucy have learned, and how Birdlife Australia is supporting research into our urban birds. It is also the beginning of Bird Week and the Aussie Bird Count in Australia.

Sunday 16th October 1.00pm (Melb/Syd)

Sunday Session - Relaxed chat about the joy of birds and wildlife - Guest Robert Ashworth

Tuesday 11th October - 11.00 am (Melb/Syd)

Current research on the Helmeted Honeyeater

Ainsley Walters is currently undertaking a Masters project studying the bird emblem of the State of Victoria, and a bird I was fascinated with as a kid. Meet Ainslie and get updated on the conservation of this fabulous bird.

Wednesday October 5th 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Facebook-only event

Follow The Bird Emergency page on Facebook to take part in a Question and Answer session about plant selection targeting particular species that you want to attract to your garden, and some artificial hollow advice.

Monday with Grant

Grant talks about some of the birds he sees regularly in his patch, highlights some useful plants to encourage Little Brown Birds like thornbills and fairywrens and will take your Questions about bird-friendly wildlife and habitat gardening. 

Thursday 29th September - 10.00am Australian Eastern Standard Time

How does the Koala Clancy Foundation help birds?

Janine Duffy talks about how saving koalas is also helping birds as well.

Monday 26th September - 12.00pm Midday - Australian Eastern Standard Time

Discover current Citizen Science projects

Friday 23rd September - 11.00am Australian Eastern Standard Time

Do you want to understand the statistics that are used and talked about in science and conservation communication?

Dr. Samantha Monroe from TERN explains what TERN is and how the organisation is undertaking countinent-wide data collection from over 800 sites, and discusses the methodology, analysis and interpretation of the stats that we see and here in science and conservation.

Wednesday 21st September - 6.00am Australian Eastern Standard Time

Over 25 years experience feeding birds in the backyard

Tammy Poppie from talks about how she has been feeding birds in her backyard for decades, and what she has learned about the birds migrating in North America.

Monday 19th September - 12.00pm Midday Australian Eastern Standard Time

Monday with Grant & Robert Ashworth

Robert joins Grant to talk about a great Citizen Science project called Redrumpuary. Robert will tell you how to be involved to gather knowledge to assist the beautiful Red-rumped Parrots, commonly seen in parks and gardens in the south-eastern segment of Australia.

Friday 16th September - 7.00am Australian Eastern Standard Time

Light pollution and more about plastic pollution and seabirds

Ariel Heswaell has been researching the effects of light pollution on the habits and movements of seabirds, and the devasting effects of plastic pollution on ocean-going birds.

Thursday 15th September - 2.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

An NFT to improve conservation of birds AND the Peruvian Amazon and Palm Oil

Alicia Srinivas joins Grant to talk about her NFT project to raise awareness and funds for bird conservation and talk about her research about palm plantations in the Peruvian Amazon.

Alicia Srinivas is a believer that the blockchain technology and NFTs can have a positive impact on the wildlife of the world. Alicia has founded the Cosmic Birds collection of NFTs, and will explain it all to Grant.

Thursday 15th September 

How can you invest in a sustainable way?

Bill Bovingdon talks about how to invest in a sustainable way. How do asset and fund managers define sustainable companies and investment products?

Bill Bovingdon

Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of Altius Asset Management

Bill is well-known and highly regarded as a 33 year veteran in fixed interest asset management. 

Prior to co-founding Altius in 2011, Bill was with Aberdeen Asset Management where he was head of Australian fixed income and chief executive officer. He also has worked as head of fixed income for Schroder Investment Management and Deutsche Asset Management. In his many investment roles, Bill has built successful fixed income businesses by developing proven investment processes and assembling strong investment teams.

Bill’s career in investment and financial services began in 1984 with the Treasury Corporation of Victoria as a fixed income portfolio manager. He has a long working relationship with both Chris Dickman and Gavin Goodhand, formed over many years.

Bill holds a bachelor of economics from Monash University.

Tuesday 13th September - 10.30am Australian Eastern Standard Time

The Urban Field Naturalists produced a great new handbook

Meet the team who have produced a essential guide for lovers of the wildlife in our cities, suburbs and towns.

Monday 12th September - 4.00pm Aust. Eastern Standard Time

Efforts to control feral cats in Western Australia

Ecologist Judy Dunlop talks about the Western Australian Feral Cat Working Goup

Monday 12th September, Midday Australian Eastern Standard Time

Bird and Wildlife-friendly Habitat Gardening - Top 10's with Grant

Top 10 Common Australian Plants to try & Top 10 underused plants to find and try

Meet Aaric Eisenstein - The Avian Rebbe

Friday 9th September - 3.00am Aust Eastern Standard Time

The Avian Rebbe teaches Jewish wisdom seen in the beauty of birds. A very different take on the beauty and value of birds.

Meet Jack Baker from the Pangolin conservation podcast

Thursday September 8th - 7.00pm AEST

Plants for pots, containers and small gardens to create bird-friendly spaces.

Midday Monday, 5th September Australian Eastern Standard Time

Great for renters and those on the move or with limited area to use a spade!

Meet Kirsty Costa, host of The Weekend Birder podcast

Tuesday 30th August, 5.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

KIrsty Costa has a new bird nerd podcast, called The Weekend Birder. Meet Kirsty, and find out about her podcast.

Who cares for the carers?

Meet Fran Carleton, who has set up a charity to support the people who care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Remember all the footage of the koalas from the bushfires?  Fran is helping the animals and the people doing the hard work of caring.

Tuesday, 30th August 2022

Selecting plants for difficult areas in you bird-friendly garden

Grant giving some specific plant advice with listeners/viewers about difficult situations in their gardens

Monday 29th August, 2022

How do we name birds? Are the names we use appropriate?

Jess McLaughlin from the Bird Names For Birds project, Ricki Coghlan from Aussie Wild and Nic Bishop from Zoos SA join Grant to talk about all the issues that arise with the names of birds.

Monday 22nd August 2022

Saturday 30th July, 7.30 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (9.30 am in NZ)

Fotography Friday - 10.00am Friday 29th July

Reaction to The State Of The Environment Report with Dr. Holly Parsons and Professor Euan Ritchie (and perhaps a surprise guest or two). 

Where does conservation policy in Australia need to go from here?

Tuesday July 19th - 2.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

The horrific effects of plastic pollution on seabirds and the marine environment with members of Adrift Lab

Fotography Friday with Sandy Horne and Nicolas Rakotopare July 22nd 

Gear rundown, lenses and Sandy  tells us about her favourite shots and places for photographing birds, wildlife and landscapes.

Monday with Holly - Reconnecting our fragmented landscapes with Dr Holly Parsons and Darryl Jones

Meet Darryl Jones, author of "A Bird At My Table" to discuss his essay "Corvus urbanis" and are birds evolving urban-specific species?

Fotography Friday with Nicolas Rakotopare July 1st - Rig rundown, fave lenses and some recommendations

Monday with Grant - Monday 27th June, Midday Aust. Eastern Time. 

Mick Callen, is an ecologist and ornithologist who has been developing artificial hollows for several years, and has been working with local governments bodies and private land managers to place them in the environment, and monitor them. Mick returns to the show to give us an update.

Monday with Holly - What do we mean when we talk about Biodiversity (in an urban setting)?

This one will be a lot of fun....   talking with Holly from Birdlife Australia (BIrds In Backyards), and Jacinta Humphrey, from LaTrobe University, who is undertaking a PhD researching biodiversity in an Urban setting in Melbourne. And Grant.

Chad Crittle - Captive Breeding programs at Zoos South Australia

Dr Stacey Preistley  - Monitoring water quality in The Coorong

Mondy with Holly - Fairywren Hybrids with Dr Joe Welklin from The Fairywren Project

How can art influence attitudes to conservation, with Brenton See and Sally Edmonds

Cowbirds with Hannah Scharf

Monday with Holly - Dr. Holly Parsons and Dr. Joe Welklin talking about The Fairywren Project

Adelie Penguins with Javed Riaz

BBird conservation in Taiwan with Scott Pursner from the Taiwan WIld Bird Federation

How can soundscapes aid habitat restoration? A new approach with David Watson

Handling birds (mostly owls) during fieldword and research with Bronwyn Isaac.

Monday with Holly - some plant recommendations for a bird and wildlife friendly garden.

Learn how to do birdwatching - a new course, with Ricki Coughlan

The Prothonotary Warbler with Jarod Hitchings

Brolgas and windfarms with Hamish Cumming

Monday with Holly - Brush Turkeys and Bin Chickens in the suburbs and the suburbs encroaching on Albert's Lyrebirds

Update on the lorikeet paralysis disease with Prof. David Phalen

Monday with Holly - Current Birdlife Australia projects Part 2

Monday with Holly - Current Birdlife Australia projects Part 1

The Ariape Manikin with Bennett Hennessy

Loons in Canada with Kristin Bianchini

Monday with Holly - Urban birds and their behaviours with Dr John Martin, Dr. Jennifer Colbourne and Dr. Holly Parsons.

The Bruny Island Bird Festival with Cat Davidson

Hugh Possingham

The Tawaki Project with Ursula Ellenberg

Powerful Owls in the suburbs with Dr. Bronwyn Isaac

Wing Threads - flying a microlight around Australia with Milly Formby

Woodland Birds, how drones aid research and conservation and more with Rohan Clarke

An update on Bird Strike with Heidi Trudell

Turtledoves in the UK with Charlotte O'Neill

Bird Strike in Singapore and south-east Asia and Pittas with David Tan

The Forty-spotted Pardalote with Sally Bryant

Bird-A-Minute with Megan Barnes and Jeremy Ringma

Monday with Holly - Creating a garden for birds and wildlife with Dan Fuller

Monday with Holly - Providing hollows for birds and wildlife with Mick Callen and Dan Fuller

Monday with Holly - To Feed, Or Not To Feed wild birds with Prof. David Phalen, Dr Johanne Martens and Dr Holly Parsons

Selected Podcast episodes

Migratory birds and conservation co-operation in Taiwan
How likely is a Bird Flu Pandemic? with Michelle Wille
Grant Humphries – how technology helps to monitor seabird movements and WSC 3
Ewen Bell and bird photography in Bhutan

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