The Bird Emergency

Remember when


was awesome?

Well, kind of more awesome that now, anyway...? Like so many others, I have established a presence over on, and it can be a little strange getting to know a new platform, finding your way around, and reconnecting with all of the people that you became familiar with on Twitter.

Here's list of some Bird Nerds that you may want to connect with on Mastodon. 

If you don't see yourself in the table, and want to be included, hit me up on Mastodon or Twitter or email me to get included -

Over the next little while I will keep adding to this, and get the links sorted, (but until then, it's copy and paste I reckon!)and soon I might do a live stream about using Mastodon (if people think that would be helpful?)


Mastodon Handle

Twitter handle

on Bird Emergency?

Angus Gibbons


Not yet

Bronwen Scott


Not yet

Daniella Teixeira



Dr Erica McIntyre


Not yet

Dr. Amanda Markham

Not yet

Ecology and Restoration Australia


Not yet

Sarah Maddox


Not yet

Fridays For Future


Not yet

Geoff Steele


Not yet

Grant Williams


Hadda Gutful


Not yet

Jenn Lavers


Joanne Potts


Not yet

Kent Parkstreet


Not yet

Neil Cameron


Not yet

Prof. Euan Ritchie


R Bruce Richardson


Not yet

Razia Shaik


Not yet 

Sarah Winnciki


Not yet

Shire Jewels


Not yet

Strange By Nature Podcast


Not yet

Camlad Apiaries


Not yet

Shweta Chawla


Not yet

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