May 19

Birds, Art and Conservation

How does art influence attitudes to nature, and how can it help to create positive outcomes in conservation?

These two artists who put nature and wildlife at the centre of their art, and birds feature prominently.

Meet Brenton See and Sally Edmonds, prominent artists based in Perth in Western Australia.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

Here is the video of some of Brenton's work, mentioned in the discussion.

You can watch the whole conversation here.

Brenton See

How do you take something you see in the wild and put it into a striking landmark, in the form of a mural on a landmark, a building or in a public space?

Crimson Chat guide photo taken by @mykelphotography7

Brenton applying paint to that hard to reach spot.

Sally Edmonds

Sally is originally from Britain, and coming from the Northern Hemisphere has allowed her to appreciate the flora and fauna of Australia as "absolutely incredible" and she told me that " it amazes me that it’s not top of everyone’s list to protect it".  I certainly agree with her on that point!

Sally has become reasonably well known in Australia as a bird artist, and it is easy to see in her work that she has an affinity for her subjects.  She believes art can play an important role in raising awareness about conservation, and she lends her support in whatever way she can.  She supports two rescue centres, Kanyana and Kaarakin, and she works hard to raise awareness about both of these centres, and conservation issues in general.

Her work is about showing the bird as an individual with a rich and full life, relationships and its own character - not just something pretty sitting in the landscape. Sally lives with a bunch of birds and they are all so different and complex. She told me "If just one person sees that in my work then I’ve done my job." 

I am sure you will agree that Sally is able to convey the things that we love about birds in her work. 

Meet Sally in the Live Stream, learn about her art and her connection to birds and feel free to leave a question on any of the platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, or via the comment section here on this page. (You can also tweet at Grant on Twitter @birdemergency)

Carnaby's Black Cockatoo recordings used in podcast intro under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0):

Marc Anderson -

Matthias Feuersenger -


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