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We have been collecting, collating and devising original, challenging but always informative questions about birds to test your Bird Nerdiness!

Loads of avian-focused fun

We will surprise and challenge you with our categories and range of questions.  Your avian knowledge will improve, along with your geography and general knowledge - and you will have a lot of fun too!

Have fun while you learn more about birds and conservation

Regular timeslots for different timezones, focusing on different types of birds, regions, habitats or any other ways to group questions together!   Extend your knowledge of other places, national symbols, cultural relationships with birds, and the habits of particular species.  Anything can crop up.

Help bird conservation and awareness simply by playing.

Many small projects are not able to secure any funding because of the way they are organised, or they are just too small.  We select projects like this, and send the money raised to those projects.  Do you know of such a project? Let us know about it!

The Story:

Are you somebody who loves to play trivia games, but are tired of seeing the same questions recycled over and over? (How much does and ostrich egg weigh?) You know what I am talking about, right? 

Well, we have a solution for you.  We have been collecting facts and factoids from the interviews we have done, the fantastic work of our guests, and drawn from the bird, wildlife and conservation focused media that we consume.  There is no doubt that you will find some challenging questions, but also some easy ones, and we try to base our events around all sorts of bird-focused interest areas.  Love penguins? So do we. We have a bunch of questions about penguins. And raptors. And parrots. And seabirds.  Get the idea?

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