April 9

Ann Goth and the Megapodes of Tonga

Ann Göth spent some of her formative years as a scientist studying one of the most curious birds on the planet, the Tongan Megapode, that uses the heat of the volcanoes of the isolated islands of Tonga, in the Pacific Ocean, to incubate their eggs, rather than build a mound like their close relatives. Learn about this astounding bird, and the adventues Ann had as a budding ecologist!

Ann has collected her experiences with the Tongan Megapode, and turned them into a book, that has been recently published. You can check out the first chapter of Ann's book here.

The book is available as ebook and paperback from all major retailers, including Amazon, Dymocks, Wheelers, Barnes & Noble, Bookdepository and the publisher, Austin Macauley.

To find the best deals in your country, google the ISBN 9781035809516.

You can find all of Ann's research at ResearchGate here.


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