Beginning in 2020 as a podcast, The Bird Emergency aims to share the amazing work being done to protect the rare and endangered birds of the world, and the people doing the research to inform the conservation efforts and the rangers and volunteers working hard to ensure these birds survive.

There is an urgent need for us to come together to ensure we preserve the threatened and endangered species of birds, and stop destroying the precious habitats and ecosystems that they depend on.

There are many more ways to learn about the birds, researchers and conservationists - in the podcast feed, in the live streams and in the posts with links to other resources and articles.

Learn about species that are facing increasing threats, and meet the conservationists and researchers who are working to ensure the survival of these vulnerable species.

Regular updates on recovery projects, conservation issues, important research and events in conservation worldwide.

Simple and easy.

Hear researchers to talk about their essential work, unlocking the secrets of our rarest birds, in terms anyone can understand.

There is a lot of valuable information contained in the research projects, Masters and PhD dissertations that don't usually make it out of the academic journals, from behind paywalls or the dusty shelves of university libraries. Hear the researchers explain their work, in their own words.

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Promoting the important work of commited researchers

Discussing Issues, Strategies & conservation actions

Highlighting Citizen Science

There are so many ways that anyone with an interest in conservation, and nature generally, can contribute to the research and protection efforts. Most of us carry around a data collection tool with us all day, everyday, and it also allows us to contribute to databases that scientists are using in their projects.

Meet the researchers, hear their stories.

The best way to hear the whole story is to let the people who know it best tell it in their own words. That's what The Bird Emergency is all about. Long form conversations, so you can get all of the details and get way down into the rabbit holes, and learn much more about the wonderful researchers, activists and leaders in the avian world.

About the Host

Grant is a Bird Nerd, and has been an advocate for the birds under pressure from habitat reduction, pollution, pesticides, poaching, trafficking, smuggling and the loss of biodiversity due to climate change.

All his life he has been intensely interested in the birds around him, and yearned to travel to far off places to learn more about the birds, the people who live with them, and the people who study them and protect them. The picture above shows Grant attempting to interview a pair of hornbills in Bali in 2014. He now chooses better guests, and has honed his interview techniques, so that researchers, practical conservationists and other bird-loving advocates can thell their sories in their own words.

Join Grant and meet some of the heroes in bird conservation, research and positive action, while learning about some of the most vulnerable threatened bird species in the world.

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Listen to the podcast episode here;Have you heard the term "DeGrowth" being

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